Teresita Fernandez



SCULPTORS whom I think may be interesting in this class are:

1.  Leonardo Drew

Drew’s work has been described as “somber and full of memory” with a contemplative mood .  Instead of presenting the ongoing and transformed life of discarded objects, his installations takes us beyond the life of the object itself and portrays the ethereal essence of things that once existed.

 2.  Tadashi Kawamata

He transforms our environment, works in the midst of demolition and construction. Usually using scrap or reclaimed materials, mostly wood, Kawamata sets about building new and unusual structures; These projects make us question our environment, the way it is constructed and how we interact with it. “Through these projects at temporary building sites I feel I am able to express the endless cycle of demolition and construction.”



 3. Susan Trangmar

Susan Trangmar explores practices of space and representations of landscape place, site and temporality through the media of sculptural installation; expanded photography; moving image and light.


 A PLAY IN TIME https://vimeo.com/24509374



Posting 4 sculptors Nov 12, 2013

Aparna Agrawal



• I’ m attending the Smart Clothes symposium at Radcliffe this week. Hope to make more sense of my interest/role in conductive & sensorial textiles, and to make some connections.   This project is slow to develop into a collaboration but nevertheless it continues to sustains my interest.

• I will be making contact with a guy who is teaching Arduino programming at Artist Asylum. I would be in this class already this Fall but alas had a schedule conflict with the grad crit class on Monday night.

• Am planning to purchase the new book called SEW TEXTILES put out by Leah Bucheley (ex media lab person responsible for electronic conductive textiles).  She just sent me a brief about it.   Will also ask Gershon Dublon to put me in touch  with the person currently working in his lab who comes from Leah Bucheley’s lab.

• I will be taking the Advanced Interdisciplinary media art seminar in the Spring which will cover Lilypad and sensor technolog,y and incorporating them into artwork.

• My goal at the end of my first year will be to have a prototype of the textile piece that relates to my work in violence against women, or have this technology be part of other sculptures I will make.

Inspiring Artists

Specific materials and how they are used always draw my attention, wood strips being one of them. With various multiple colored strips/sheets these massive voluptuous shapes seem to come to life which is quite exciting.

Henrique Olivera. Tapumes, 2008.

Another artist I enjoy looking at is Ranjani Shettar, who uses tamaraind powder, muslin cloth and steel to make these unique bubble like spores.

Ranjani Shettar. Sun-Sneezers blow light bubbles, 2007.



Os Gemeos two brother that use graffiti and common found object as their medium to create.

Why I find their work inspiring?

Their work is humorous, interactive, and clever.

Their blending of materials. (from painting to sculpture to noise to documentation to light to space to light to documentation to noise to sculpture to painting)

Their use of public space avoids bureaucratic hierarchical institutions. (many times government sponsored aka censored)

Their un-academic approach towards art open paths for others to interact and have a voice in culture making.

They are not anti gallery and embrace the idea of exhibition and sales. art is a profession.





Recently Researched Artists And Why I Looked Them Up

Of late my studio process/practice has consisted of collecting found objects and creating hybrid objects out of the bits and pieces in the growing Archive of Discarded Things.  After my most recent group critique, I received a few new artist names (new as in new to me, not necessarily new or contemporary artists). Here are a few:

Jessica Stockholder, Connecticut artist who works in a variety of media. I was told to look at her for inspiration in using color (which is a big weakness in my present work)

Richard Tuttle, an artist working in New Mexico and New York (Born in New Jersey), who mainly works in drawing in sculpture. I was sent to Mr. Tuttle to look at his use of materials, and I have a feeling, his use of color as well.

Gordon Matta-Clark was also mentioned as someone to look at, mainly for his use of what could be called found spaces.

I was also told about ThereIFixedIt.com as another source of entertainment/art inspiration here are a few of the images that I found to be the most “intriguing.” The first and last image were taken from http://thereifixedit.blogspot.com/