Lifting the bar

Mags can do it!

Mags can do it!


A little something for everyone

I think everyone will find something they like in Las Hermanas Iglesias.  Lisa and Janelle Iglesias are drawers, sculptors, performers, photographers, and just really fantastic assemblers of things.  I’ve loved them for a long time and now youprobably will too.



Adriana Salazar blows my mind, I think she’s brilliant.  Can’t snatch pictures from her site because it’s all videos, so you should check it out for yourselves and be happy.

– Carrie

Artists I have been looking at

I have been looking at the work of Kate Gilmore, Liz Cohen and Adrian Piper.

Kate Gillmore deals with feminine ideas through physicality and “critiques on gender and sex”

Specific examples include “My Love is an Anchor”

“Like This, Before”

“Between a Hard Place”

Liz Cohen is a performance artist and automotive designer. Her work explores gender, identity and group membership. She transforms two things: a car and her body simultaneously in her project “Bodywork”. She says “I’m the car’s builder, the vehicle’s owner, and the bikini model who will show it off. There’s usually a disconnect between all three, yet I’m embodying them all.”


Adrian Piper’s “Funk Lessons” were collaborative performances/lessons where she taught people the history and moves of funk.

Sarah Sze