Claire Roll- Assignment #1 Topology

Over the past few days I have been looking into the study of Algebraic Topology. “Algebraic topology is the study of intrinsic qualitative aspects of spatial objects (e.g., surfaces, spheres, tori, circles, knots, links, configuration spaces, etc.) that remain invariant under both-directions continuous one-to-one (homeomorphic) transformations.” Simply put it is the simplification of any object to its most basic form using mathematical formulae.

This specific Mathematical study is of interest to me because my work deals with gestural form and the basic relations that we, as humans, make to these forms and gestures. The simplification of a figure, or of any form, to its most basic self could be a beautifully meaningful and paradoxical dichotomy if the complex and simplified object were presented together. The two objects, though visually different, would in essence-in mathematical terms, be exactly the same object. This speaks of many different narratives. As our culture moves through history from the classical to the mathematical and technological, form in some cases has become simplified to be simply aesthetic with little or no meaning behind it. Another aspect is although we as humans all seem different and attempt to protect our individuality with an animalistic viciousness we are all in fact, at our core, made of the same ‘stuff’ as everyone else. We are at our most basic level simply an organism that has somehow managed this incredible feat of creativity. 

I think I would like to be critiqued by Eve Laramee. On her site she writes “Through my work I speculate on how human beings contemplate and consider nature through both art and science in a way that embraces poetry, absurdity, contradiction and metaphor.” This is something I would like to investigate in my artwork as well and I think she would have formative insights on how to connect the pieces and parts of my project together in a way that is indeed poetic and meaningful to science and art alike.


One thought on “Claire Roll- Assignment #1 Topology

  1. I think my Ideal collaborator would be someone who could teach me about the specific formulas used to transform an object to its most basic self. This way I could learn about the process within the mathematical formula, not just the visual, and incorporate that process into the meaning of the work. Ideally I would have to meet this person and talk with them about my project to see if they are interested in furthering study with me. A realistic collaborator in the area would be Mark Behrens from MIT. He has done studies using Algebraic Topology in the discernment of form and is a teacher. I think we could collaborate on a high level to access new applications and awareness of topology studies.

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